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Date: August 5, 2023

Location: Online (link sent after registration)
Time: 2pm-7:30pm EST


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Hey, are you feeling like your life has become a bit stagnant? You know, like you're not quite sure what you're supposed to be doing with your life, and if you're even doing it right. That kind of uncertainty can really shake your confidence, and it can make your life feel mundane and mediocre. And let's not even talk about your career or business - it might be feeling like a slow crawl right now.

I bet you've been looking at all the successful people online, living those glamorous lives of freedom, luxury, and fun, and thinking "What makes them so special? Why can't I have that too?" You might have even been stalking them on Instagram and YouTube, wondering what will it take for you to break into that kind of success.

You've been searching high and low for the perfect manifestation formula to unlock the life you'd love... But for some reason, it's just not clicking for you. Even though you're trying to make things happen, nothing seems to be shifting in your physical reality.

But deep down, you have this inner knowing that one day things will be amazing. There's this little voice inside of you, encouraging to you to trust yourself, have faith, keep seeking the answers, and take decisive action.

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Get The Untold Wealth Secrets to Becoming Rich

Fill your bank account with unlimited abundance, set yourself free from financial binds, start living your best life today!

Dear Friend,

Hey there! Are you ready to tap into the wealth secrets that can truly transform your financial game? Get ready for the Ultimate Success Tour: Wealth Secrets That Will Make You Rich, an absolute mind-shifting, uplifting, online virtual event designed especially for you.

We're about to unveil the blueprint for unlimited abundance and financial freedom, and trust me, you won't want to miss out on this!

We're all about unleashing your untapped potential and showing you the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. The Ultimate Success Tour is here to arm you with the essential tools and mindset shifts that will skyrocket your income and help you build long-lasting wealth.

Our superstar lineup of successful women are ready to pull back the curtains and give you the UNTOLD SECRETS to wealth building…you know the part that everyone always leaves out of their 30-second Instagram videos.

We’re giving you the unbridled stories, strategies and insider knowledge – the stuff that's made us rich and wealthy!

At this empowering online event, you're going to learn three major action steps that will completely revolutionize your financial journey:

  • Mindset Makeover: We're diving deep into the power of your mind! Get ready to cultivate an unbreakable mindset of abundance and prosperity. We'll help you dig into any subconscious beliefs that might be holding you back, and we'll give you powerful techniques to rewire your thinking for success. You're about to tap into your full wealth-attraction potential, honey!

  • Money Moves: We're all about making that paper and keep a steady stream of income flowing! We've got insider strategies and practical tips to help you accelerate your income like never before. We're talking passive income streams, high-impact investments, and leveraging your skills and resources to create multiple streams of income. You're a business owner, so get ready to level up your money game!

  • Boss Wealth Blueprint: We're giving you the step-by-step blueprint to build business empire! From solid financial planning to wealth preservation and generational wealth strategies, we've got you covered. You'll walk away with a rock-solid foundation for lasting prosperity. It's time to secure your bag and secure your legacy!

Picture yourself with the freedom and peace of mind that comes from being in complete control of your financial destiny. The Ultimate Success Tour: Wealth Secrets That Will Make You Rich is your golden ticket to unlocking the abundance you deserve. Don't waste another second – snatch up your spot at this life-changing virtual event. It's time to make moves, level up, and become the wealthy woman you were always meant to be. Let's do this!

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I attended Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce's Success Tour and Got SO many Answers! from Stacia Pierce on Vimeo.

With the right guidance you can manifest a life filled with love, success, and abundance.

REPEAT ACHIEVERS: Why We Keep Coming Back Every Year...

The Success Tour has been THE go-to source event for inspiration, ideas, implementation, validation, camaraderie, connection, and community for the last decade. Hundreds of our attendees come every year with friends and family in tow. Check out some stories from repeat achievers...people who attend annually and continue to grow and succeed because of the information at the event...





You are talented and smart enough to accomplish anything you want.  

But sometimes your self-doubt sabotages you from the success you deserve.  

Wouldn't You agree it's time to invest in YOURSELF  

so that you can live your best life now?

Dr. Stacia Pierce

As a best-selling author, award-winning business and life coach, and serial entrepreneur... I've dedicated my life to helping ordinary women live extraordinary lives. 

For the past few years, I've felt impressed to create a special space where women and learn, grow and uplevel their life from the inside out. 

The last ten years, I have coached several people to build million dollar businesses, but my clients were asking for more...How can live the life of dreams? I feel like I still haven't made it even though the numbers are there...I want to embrace a higher wealth mentality. How do I make my money work for me???

The Women and Wealth Club is the answer! It is a coaching community designed to help all women raise their money quotient, attract more wealth, create a financial legacy, learn how to live a luxurious life. 

I am giving you 40 years of expertise in wealth and home building to live an extraordinary life. Join us on this amazing journey! 

Ariana Polanco

Ariana is a social media marketing expert and influencer. She teaches business owners how to leverage social media to build their brands, attract clients and sell their products. She's also a master of manifestation, teaching people all over the world how to manifest love and everything else you want in life. As a skilled day trader, Ariana also shows others how to multiply their income through day trading.



  • Wealth Building Habits that attract riches with Dr. Stacia Pierce: Stop trying to look rich, and learn the secrets to actually living rich. Get proven systems that will keep your bank account full of cash and you living your best life. ($197 Value)
  • Branding For A Booming Business with Ryan Pierce: Get powerful branding tips and tricks that will attract your ideal customer begging you to take their money! ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Money Manifestation Guide and Assessment ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Real-life case studies of women who manifested their dream life in the last year.

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I Went From Being Lost to Launching My First Class in just a couple of weeks! Dr. Stacia, I just want to personally thank you! Before I went to the Atlanta success tour I was lost! I had a lot I wanted to do, but had no idea how to make goals and plan things out! Everything you said was just for me! When I got back home, I got busy working on my businesses! I came up with a fashion 101 class for this month. Didn’t have everything that I was going to teach ready but I did what you said. I launched before I was ready! I made the tickets available and I’m almost sold out! In just a couple of weeks my life has done a 180 and I wanted to let you know how much you have help me understand what I want is out there! I just have to be creative and go get it! I’m just super excited about my life and being a 24 year old entrepreneur! Can’t wait to for the Success Conference! Thanks!

R. Bonds