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MARCH 27, 2021

The Event That Empowers You To Secure The Bag... With the Teaching, Support and Inspiration You Need to Live Your Dream Life!

It's time we stop allowing financial uncertainty, money mishaps and mounting debt hold us back from living our dream life. 

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now About Creating And Keep Wealth! 

You just can't afford to stay in the dark...It's time you learned the new rules of money and secure more bags! 

I’ve been in business since I was 13 years old and after earning millions in business, I realized that I didn’t just want to acquire income, I wanted to build wealth. I also wanted to leave a legacy of wealth for generations to come.  

I wanted to provide rich experiences and instill values and beliefs that would be passed down for generations. One that would allow our family to grow with for years to come.  

And from that experience, I figured out a way to simplify the process and fill in the gap of what the wealthy won’t tell you but you need to know (in order to make your money last like the Rockerfellers).  

When you discover the secrets to using money as a tool, you'll quickly begin multiply it and KEEP more of it...

Finally, You'll feel LIMITLESS! 

You’ll be able to remove the limits on who you can help, how much you can impact your community, what you can do for your family, how your name will live on for generations to come.  

I dedicated myself to a personal wealth boot camp, where I removed money blocks…This is one of the FIRST major hurdles I overcame.  

Money blocks are so subtle, their power over you doesn’t seem invasive, yet they literally control your mindset and limit your money earning abilities.  

Can you relate to having earned a significant amount of money and feeling like you have holes in your pockets?! UGH!  

It’s the money blocks that have been stopping you…It’s the embedded thoughts and ideas about money that you developed early in life that could be blocking your wealth.  

So, let's talk about this shall we? 

At The Ultimate Success Tour, we're going to introduce you to the ways to increase your money manifestation and mindfullness. 

Come, let us heal your Money Conditions...rewrite your mney story and finally start making what you want to.

If you're ready to see more success than ever, and finally start checking off your big dreams with confidence....


Sign up today to secure your spot! 

Can't wait to see you there! 

The system is NOT designed to empower you to build wealth…there are so few accessible resources for women like us which is exactly why we dedicated The Ultimate Success Tour to focusing on Money Manifestation and Mindfulness.


Celebrity Publicist Monique Johnson Attends Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce's Prosperity Tour Los Angeles from Stacia Pierce on Vimeo.

Movie Producer Angela White Attends Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce's Prosperity Tour Los Angeles from Stacia Pierce on Vimeo.

Success Tour Stories Web 3 from Stacia Pierce on Vimeo.

You are talented and smart enough to accomplish anything you want.  

But sometimes your self-doubt sabotages you from the success you deserve.  

Wouldn't You agree it's time to invest in YOURSELF  

so that you can live your best life now?

Dr. Stacia Pierce

As a best-selling author, award-winning business and life coach, and serial entrepreneur... I've dedicated my life to helping ordinary women live extraordinary lives. 

For the past few years, I've felt impressed to create a special space where women and learn, grow and uplevel their life from the inside out. 

The last ten years, I have coached several people to build million dollar businesses, but my clients were asking for more...How can live the life of dreams? I feel like I still haven't made it even though the numbers are there...I want to embrace a higher wealth mentality. How do I make my money work for me???

The Women and Wealth Club is the answer! It is a coaching community designed to help all women raise their money quotient, attract more wealth, create a financial legacy, learn how to live a luxurious life. 

I am giving you 40 years of expertise in wealth and home building to live an extraordinary life. Join us on this amazing journey! 

Ariana Pierce

Ariana is a beauty business guru that has mastered social media to garners sales. The beauty guru currently runs Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe, an online accessories company. Both product lines have adorned A-list celebrities at award shows and in motion pictures. Now, Ariana is creating a serious buzz with her new travel accessories and travel journal. With only one social media mention, thousands of passport cases were sold out in a day! 


  • Social Media Marketing Workshop with Ariana Pierce top micro-influencer, beauty brand owner, and travel blogger ($197 Value)
  • 2 Manifestation and Mindset sessions with Dr. Stacia Pierce award-winning business coach and Master of Manifestation. ($597 Value)
  • BONUS: Complete manifestation guide to manifest your big goals in 30 days or less. ($197 Value)
  •  BONUS: Live interviews with six-figure Entrepreneurs who have pivoted and profited big this year. ($197 Value)  

Total Value: $1187

ONLY $97

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It's a steal of a deal! 

I Went From Being Lost to Launching My First Class in just a couple of weeks! Dr. Stacia, I just want to personally thank you! Before I went to the Atlanta success tour I was lost! I had a lot I wanted to do, but had no idea how to make goals and plan things out! Everything you said was just for me! When I got back home, I got busy working on my businesses! I came up with a fashion 101 class for this month. Didn’t have everything that I was going to teach ready but I did what you said. I launched before I was ready! I made the tickets available and I’m almost sold out! In just a couple of weeks my life has done a 180 and I wanted to let you know how much you have help me understand what I want is out there! I just have to be creative and go get it! I’m just super excited about my life and being a 24 year old entrepreneur! Can’t wait to for the Success Conference! Thanks!

R. Bonds