If you’re an entrepreneur or business person that is struggling to get started with your business or to tap into your million-dollar genius idea... or maybe you have an idea yet you still find yourself STUCK, frustrated and overwhelmed…  

I want to introduce you to my most exciting masterclass. I’m really pumped about sharing this with you because this information is a real game changer.  

This masterclass was inspired from my IRL (In real life) entrepreneurial journey and that of my clients.  

I have learned from experience that no matter how many secrets, systems and strategies we obtained, the real key to mastering success is what’s happening inside of your mind.  

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been plagued with debilitating fear that has been holding you back... Or frustrated, bored and demotivated about achieving your dreams … Or you've had it up to *here* with allowing setbacks sit you down or take you out completely…  


You're seeking clarity of your next move. You just want a simple plan that you can stick to and see results quickly. You want someone to give you what you need *straight* without the song and dance around the truth. You'd rather use and all-in-one tool to manifest your desires once and for all.  

Then this master class is for YOU.  

  • You’re ready to stop trying to force success and allow it to happen for you organically.
  • You’re tired of nearly reaching your goal and coming up short. 
  • You’re ready to define your authentic voice, and gather your own tribe. 
  • You really just want to create ingenious products and services that change the world.  

This 10 Day journaling challenge will jumpstart your success by helping you discover what matters most to you, tap into your God-given genius so that you can confidently attract an endless stream of clients ready to work with you.  

Using The Success Journal and my never-before-seen journaling prompts, I’m showing you what you need to do from within to create the dream life you’ve always desired.  

  • You’ll gain the confidence and clarity you need to boldly market your product and services.  
  • You’ll feel so inspired and accomplished after just 10 days of journaling using these thought-provoking, answer inducing prompts!  
  • You’ll be amazed at how quickly the results will show up in your life!  

Personally, I’ve been able to double my income in only a few months, secure major 7-figure deals, attract national media coverage using these journaling prompts I’ll be sharing with you during this workshop.  

I am a champion of the power of journaling and I’m going to show you how to attract your greatest desires.  

My new video course is designed to help you uncover your own genius and write your way to success. With 10 Days of journaling exercises you'll get answers to all your burning questions and gain so much clarity and confidence around your ideas, products and services. 

Yesterday I launched my very first online sales funnel marketing my 3 Day Workshop & Field Trip with my JV Partner. With 7 hours of only using organic marketing, we received our first sale of $267!! I cried because what I wrote came to pass, and reaffirmed my goal and intentions.


Last year I wrote in my Success Journal that I go on 2-4 cruises a year and last year I went on 3 and this year 2 including a 14-day Panama cruise. It works!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

The Power of Journaling In Their Own Words...

Celeb HairStylist Kiyah Wright Shares Her Stacia Pierce Success Journaling Story! from Stacia Pierce on Vimeo.

One of my 101 goals written in my Success Journal in January was to be completely debt free in our personal finances by July 2017. I Just got a $6000 deposit out of nowhere from some money that is owed me. With this, we are now completely debt free with the exception of our home! The prayers are already being answered! What's written is real! Proudly checked it off my goal list and rewriting my 101 goals over again in my new monthly Success Journal today! Thank you Dr. Stacia and your team for all you do!!!

This class has given me even more clarity on habits I can implement to transform my life by manifesting my desires. In the past week, my family has received gift cards, checks in the mail, and money-saving tips from the most unexpected sources. Thank you again for always being confident in your story, courageous to tell, and creative to share it with the world. My life transforms when I follow your model and systems. Thank you again.

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The Success Journal

Use the power of the written word to manifest all of your dreams and desires. Stacia Pierce Success Journal. The only guided manifestation tool that empowers you to achieve your dreams and goals using success attraction strategies. Get results in record time!More than a Journal.
It's Your Ultimate Manifestation Tool

Manifestation Movie

Laugh, cry, and manifest your dreams as you go on a journey with the characters of this movie. See how they applied the success principles of Stacia Pierce in their lives to achieve success.


1. When does the course start?  

The class starts as soon as you sign up.

2. What happens after I signup for Manifest 10 Fold Master Class? You will get an email with your login details. If you have already taken courses with us, your login will remain the same. Just visit Members.SuccessMasteryschool.com and log in to your account. You will see the course information available to you on the first day of class.  

3. What do I get in the course? You will get access to 10 daily modules, delivered via video and comes with easy to implement lessons. The sessions are 10-20 minutes in length. The homework consists of liberating, confidence building, and clarity inducing exercises that can be done in a day. 

Part one is always a writing exercise, and then is followed up with fast action tips so that you can start seeing quick results. THIS is putting the prompt to practice and pulling your desires into your reality.

4. I'm kinda busy. What if I don't have time to finish the course right now? Don’t worry! Sometimes life gets busy and I get that. This is why each session is recorded and available for you when you are ready to get started. This course can be experience in our dynamic group sessions with live interaction in the comments or self-paced. After this next class, this course won't be offered with live interaction again for awhile, if you have plans on manifesting 10x in your business and life sooner than later, I would join now to get all of the resources, information and that is available now. 

5. How long do I have access to the modules for?  

Once purchased you will have continued access. 


6. Are there payment plans available? No there is no payment plan for this course.

7. Do you give refunds? Due to the nature of this course, there are no refunds available.  

8. Can you guarantee results? If you do all the work required, step-by-step, you will certainly manifest more in your life than you’ve ever thought possible. But I can’t really guarantee that you’ll actually do all the work, so I can’t guarantee your results. You’ll get out of the master class what you put into it. There’s no magic process here. The steps are easy, yet require your commitment to action in order to work.  

9. I'm a previous student of Activate Abundance Master Class, How does this course differ? The Activate Abundance Master class is an introductory course in attracting more money into your life. While it does cover some manifestation techniques, it DOES NOT go into detail how to use the art of journaling to manifest your greatest desires. I’ve actually never done a class like this one, where I share exactly how I use journaling to determine what actions to take in order to manifest more money into my life.  

What you’ll learn in this class is simple steps for sure. They might seem too easy, but in actuality, when you do not take these steps, your money is BLOCKED. Yes. You could be spinning your wheels, having learned a ton of information on manifestation but still getting no results because you haven’t taken the actions that I cover in this course.  

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