Expert advice and in-depth strategies for Money Manifestation and wealth creation.


2.5 Million Americans Became Millionaires in the Last year...

  • IN a transforming economy the best thing you can do is CREATE NEW INCOME!
  • We're in a PRIME TIME for wealth building
  • Making Money is easier than ever before
  • Still...You're not seeing your bank accounts as full as you'd like...

If talking about money makes you squirm. Keep reading.

This course is just what you need to break free from the crippling mindset that has you in a choke hold right now.

You've been living far below your financial potential...

You're afraid to admit that you want to be wealthy because you don't want to appear greedy.

You've have 101 reasons why you don't deserve wealth

You've allow a sordid financial past to block your successful financial future

With these limiting beliefs...it's no wonder why you've been feeling stuck and confused about making more money.

There is a better and easier way to reach your financial goals and I'll show you how in this course.

Money flows where your attention goes.
If you give your attention to growing money, your money will grow and grow.

We became Wealthy when We put LESS attention on Lack..and more attention on definite money manifestation, allowing it to flow into our lives.

Ariana and I will be giving you our undivided attention for 4 weeks straight helping you to TAP into the power of manifestation and get the best results you’ve ever had in your life!

All the problems you face concerning money…
they’re about to become a thing of the past.


 Because you can manifest your biggest financial goals by working closely with Stacia and Ariana in the new course.


Big Money Manifestation Course


 Every week you will get an inside look at all the strategies and habits we use to manifest our profitable businesses, incredible relationships, and our dream lives.


This course is the next level of personal manifestation.

We’re giving you the most relevant and powerful strategy in 4 easy steps to have the most profitable year you’ve ever dreamed of.


When you’re done, with this class, you will create a wave of consistent cash outpour in your life. 


Money will rush towards you instead of you chasing it.


Discover the secrets to building wealth and banishing fear about creating and managing money. In The Big Money Manifestation Course you will finally dissolve all money blocks that have been blocking your blessings.

During our time together...You'll Learn:

  • How to expand your mind to new possibilities for wealth so that you can take the limits off your earning potential. 
  • Making money is EASY! Learn our signature plug and play manifestation techniques to attract more money into your life now so that you can finally be free to do everything you've been wanting to do: travel the world, pay for your kids education, leave a wealth legacy, build a home...whatever YOU want!
  • How to manifest anything you want in EVERY area of your life. Yes it is possible to achieve all of your wealth wishes when you learn our simple manifestation systems. 
  • ​How to get clear about your money goals and manifest what you really want.
  • ​How to Think like a Millionaire
  • ​How to strategically write your way to wealth
  • ​How to manifest money in any financial climate
  • ​How to face your financial fears and say good-bye forever to money blocks!

What our clients are saying...

Thousands of happy clients have manifested money using our strategies. Here are just a few...

"I Used Stacia's Strategies to make over $100K/month and I met that goal within a few weeks!!"


Serial Entrepreneur

"Dr. Stacia helped me gain so much clarity in my business that I Increased by 400K in sales"

Stephanie S.

Interior Designer

"I quadrupled my income in 2 businesses and made more money than I had done in all my business with Dr. Stacia's Help. She is the real business manifestation genius"

Jada J

Mental Health Specialist

"Once I got over my money blocks, I started charging my worth and now I'm a multi-millionaire!"


Serial Entrepreneur

"This class immediately changed the game for me. My goal was to start making my yearly income on a quarterly basis. After the first few sessions, my company made over $500K in the first Quarter of the year! Now we're set to gross a few million this by the end of the year!


Real Estate Broker

"We've had private sessions with Stacia that resulted in us earning over a million dollars in our business last year. With this course, my wife and I manifested our dream spa pool!

The Littletons

Business Owners

It’s time for you to release all the resistance you are holding toward money. You are the Master...Money is your servant!

When you register for this Course you’ll get:

  • 4 Training Sessions with Dr. Stacia and Ariana ~ $4997 value
  • Using our signature system for setting clear and intentional financial goals, you will get your biggest financial breakthrough ever!
  • You’ll Discover how to create money manifestation script to reach your financial goals
  • Learn how to follow your gut and watch things come through for you!!
  • Deep dive with us into manifestation mechanics to establish long-lasting habits for consistent manifested results.
  • You'll also get access to the top FAQ so you can get an understanding and manifest more!
  • PLUS 1 month of manifestation support with Stacia and Ariana

People pay $10K just to sit with us for 2 hours and develop a personal Manifestation plan. You’re getting all this plus a whole lot more for a mere fraction of the cost.


We want to see you move into a new income bracket this year. I know with this class you will achieve this goal with confidence and ease.


It will be your best time of manifestation instead of trying to make do!


$997 $448.60

Payment Plan is Available


How is this Class Different from Women and Wealth Club?

This 4 module class is a hyper-focused deep dive into on Big Money Manifestation. Very specific and intentional about Money manifestation only. The modules are released in full so that you can learn at your own pace.

When does the class start?
When you register, you will get instant access and can start learning our manifestation secrets immediately!